4 Car Rental Mistakes You Should Avoid

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by Admin 10 Mar 2016

One of the most common concerns for any traveller, no matter where you are from or where you are going is renting a car. If you are visiting a country for the first time, you are probably going to need to rent a car from their local services. For example, if you are new to Singapore and want to explore all the beautiful locations of the country, you are going to need to approach a car rental company in Singapore.

Renting a car is convenient, but it can be fatal if you do not read the following tips before renting one.

Here are some mistakes you may want to avoid when renting a car:

1. Not Taking Time to Refill the Petrol Tank 

The per gallon price that a car rental company charges is generally way more than you would be spending at a petrol station. Even if you return the car with a tank that is half-empty, they are likely to charge you for the full tank. So, take the time out to refill the gas tank yourself, even if you are in too much of a hurry.

2. Ignoring Current Damages 

When you go to the agency to rent a car, spend few minutes to inspect and observe the outside of the car for any pre-existing damage, to make sure that you do not get billed for any damage that someone else previously made. Usually, the employees at the agency will give you diagrams and photos of the car, so note and point out those damages in the diagrams, to have concrete proof. Also, stick around for an inspection when you come to drop off the car, because if they find any damage after you have left, you will not be able to illustrate that the damage was actually already there when you returned the car, and that can be very problematic.

3. Purchase Extra Insurance

Most obviously, people purchase unnecessary insurance when renting a car. Before renting a car, make sure you check whether your car offers coverage or not and if so, understand what it covers. Some companies may talk you into buying their premium insurance deals; you must turn down the deal offered by the car rental company to receive the benefits from your credit card.

4. Not Returning the Car on time

If you rent a car on a Thursday and return it on the following Saturday, you are more than likely to be billed for two complete days. Most companies set their prices on the basis of a 24-hour model, so even if you keep the car for 30 hours, you will be billed for two whole days. Car rental companies will bill you according to the pick up and return time you entered on their website. It may seem that returning the car a few days earlier would be favourable, but you will have to pay for that as well. Some may offer you a refund, but other agencies may charge you a substantial early return fee.

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